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The new Khedive / By Professor Muhammad Latif

Whoever read what the Egyptian journalist Hani Raslan wrote, dealing with my position on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, will not need to wait for my comment on it to understand his premises or the mentality in which he writes a summary of what the alleged expert wrote about my position after pouring heavy supplies that I was a supporter of Ethiopia in the beginning and then turned to Support Egypt, what does this mean? This means that Ruslan and a handful of his followers from the elite of Egypt do not see that this Sudan deserves to have an independent position. Rather, they see in it a dependent variable, or rather just a back garden for Egypt. It is the same mentality that was written two years ago celebrating the torrents and floods that destroyed the plow and the offspring in Sudan, he said They said that at the time, there is no breaking of the mouth, that the devastation that is occurring in Sudan is good for Egypt, and of course it means that the flood that is destroying Sudan means more water for Egypt ..!
It is, sirs, with the Khedive mentality that refuses to see Sudan as a follower. It revolves around the orbit of Egypt wherever it circles, and it is the same mentality on which Ruslan bases his positions when he writes about Sudan and the Sudanese, so you are a Sudanese? So, you are facing two options that have no third, either you are with Egypt or you are against Egypt. As for there to be an independent position that stems from the interests of Sudan and Sudan only, this is what the new Khedive has failed to comprehend until now, which is the same sick mentality that poisones the relations of the two countries every day !
I was surprised that Raslan talked about my organized attack on Egypt, which did not happen, and I was even blamed for some that I did not do you know when and why? Four years ago, Egypt landed in a purely social affair. I went with colleagues supporting a friend who was going to undergo a complicated surgery, that is, a trip that had nothing to do with the media or politics, and yet I was surprised that I was detained in Cairo airport for only a few hours, after which they let me enter. I later learned that it is conditional tolerance. He tells me that I should not stay too long and that it is better not to come back until further notice ..! I did not receive the notice yet, and I know and know many readers who set up this world and did not sit there because they were subjected to the same procedure, but I did not do no, because my suspension was due to a violation of Egyptian laws, so I was not in possession of drugs nor was I accused of smuggling a currency, not even forging or downloading it, but for two reasons:
The first reason: I did not find an explanation for that procedure until this day of the people except that it was a slander from the new Khediveians, especially since a dispute arose that day between the devices about that procedure.
The second reason: And the most important thing is that I simply used to and still believe that the relationship between the two countries is greater than individuals and greater than immediate estimates that the devices can take, but the cow does not understand and sometimes does not know ..!
But by going beyond all that, I will tell you about the real reason behind the position of the new Khedive, not from me, but from Sudan and every Sudanese who believes that there is a distance between Egypt and Sudan in the position towards the Renaissance Dam.
There is a prevailing assumption that we are either with or against Egypt and with this naive and limited concept Arslan wrote that I first rushed in support of the dam in support of Ethiopia and then turned in support of Egypt without apologizing to the readers as he said, and I said that the new Khedive in Egypt, including this messenger, God healed, does not see Sudan An independent position, as it is either with Egypt that sponsors its interests or against Egypt that threatens its interests. Or for Sudan to have its own vision, its own reading and its own interests as a sovereign and independent state, so the new Khediveians, including this alleged expert, firmly believe that this should not be done for Sudan and that Sudan is only found to take care of and serve the interests The Egyptian Khedive, sorry, despite the state of denial that these Khediveians used to hedge behind them, they often jump despite one of them’s nose a clear sign of this abhorrent intellectual deficit, just as it happened with Ruslan when he summarized my position on the Renaissance Dam with Ethiopia and then with Egypt and his limited mind did not help him so that he only remembers that There is a third party called Sudan, and it is my right to be with him.
Since I started dealing with the Renaissance Dam as a strategic project before it was a contentious issue or a subject of dispute nearly ten years ago, my position has remained firm and based on two main axes:
The first is that the Renaissance Dam or the Century Dam as it was called at its inception brings great benefits to Sudan that may exceed the Ethiopian benefits themselves. As for the second axis: it is that the positions of Egypt and Sudan are not identical towards the Renaissance Dam simply because their interests are not identical as well. Which has never been shaken that the relations of states and their stances in the regional and international community should be based on interests and interests only, not empty slogans. My conviction is also that opposing interests automatically means different positions, but some try to bend the facts and talk about the need to unify the Egyptian and Sudanese position and that the two countries coincide with their interests as my country. Mouth … etc. This is the Egyptian story.
So when I announced my support for the dam as a project, not to Ethiopia as a state, but to my comprehensive vision of the interests it achieves for Sudan, provided that the three countries adhere in their negotiations to a declaration of principles that clearly stated the Ethiopian commitment to agree with Sudan and Egypt in all stages, and when Ethiopia violated the declaration of the same principles, it was natural to criticize that. I was seriously concerned about whether my position supported Egypt or not. What is important to me is that it serves and supports the supreme interests of Sudan.
As for the second axis, which is related to the different positions between Egypt and Sudan, I kept referring to that a lot and this is exactly what angered the new Khediveians, so he told me about this congruence after reading the following paragraph, O God guide you, I previously said and studies said and many said that the most important advantages of the Renaissance Dam for Sudan is to repeat Regulating the flow of the river and controlling its water flows Do you know, dear reader, what this means?

It means that Sudan will benefit for the first time from its full share according to the 1959 Convention. About half of that share used to go annually to Egypt under the pretext that it was a refundable advance. We will return with the details if necessary.

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